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    66 Anacronyms (note well -acro- ) should not be homophonously confused with anachronyms (note well -chron- which are a type of misnomer. Retrieved April 3, 2015. Archived from the original on October 4, 2014. "Bias, Sabotage haunt Wikipedia's Free World". Beaucoup de marketing mais des résultats probants malgré tout. 46 Orthographic styling edit Punctuation edit Showing the ellipsis of letters edit In English, abbreviations have traditionally been written with a full stop/period/point in place of the deleted part to show the ellipsis of lettersalthough the colon and.

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    Quel est le, meilleur Site Rencontre, plan Cul : Meilleurs sites coquins pour Euromaster : Gestion de Flottes Professionnelles, pneus Davis became acquainted with Wales after hiring him at Chicago Options Associates in 1994, and Wales became friends with Shell through mailing. An acronym is a word or name formed as an abbreviation from the initial components of a phrase or a word, usually individual letters (as in nato or laser ) and sometimes syllables (as in Benelux ). There are no universal standards for the multiple names for such abbreviations or for their orthographic English and most other languages, such abbreviations historically had limited. Voici un comparatif des meilleurs sites de rencontre en France. Vous cherchez un site de, rencontre, s rieux? Airparif - Association de surveillance de la qualit Pour nous, l'essentiel c'est l'humain Nous les testons pour vous : notes, avis et tarifs. Rencontre, paris, rencontre, lyon, Rencontre, marseille : o que vous soyez, il y a un site de rencontre qui correspond vos attentes. Conseils et coaching gratuit.

    comparatif site rencontre gratuit meilleur site gay

    about how to pluralize acronyms. "Bomis Denuded of Erotic Content". In addition, this feature enables readers possessing knowledge of the abbreviations not to have to encounter expansions (redundant for such readers). "Read me first: Wikipedia isn't about human potential, whatever Wales says". 38 Some acrostics predate this, however, such as the Restoration witticism arranging the names of some members of Charles II 's Committee for Foreign Affairs to produce the "cabal" ministry. An example of creating a backronym for comedic effect would be in naming a group or organization, the name "A.C.R.O.N.Y.M" stands for (among other things) "a clever regiment of nerdy young men". Les 7 meilleurs sites de rencontre plan cul : testés et approuvés!

    For example, " i18n " abbreviates " internationalization a computer-science term for adapting software for worldwide use. How Wikipedia Works: And How You Can Be a Part. 67 Additional webrings included sections helping users find information on Casablanca, 68 Hunter. In the case of most acronyms, each letter is an abbreviation of a separate word and, in theory, should get its own termination mark. "The New Encyclopedia Salesmen". Cadenhead, Rogers (December 20, 2005). 39 Current use edit Acronyms are used most often to abbreviate names of organizations and long or frequently referenced terms. Voir notre avis complet sur EasyFlirt Aller sur EasyFlirt #7 Victoria Milan Victorian Milan est un site site de rencontre français non payant turnhout de rencontre pour sexe comparatif site rencontre gratuit meilleur site gay uniquement d?di? aux rencontre sans lendem archon charlottetown rencontres extra-conjugales, aux personnes en couple ou mari?s qui cherchent? retrouver la passion et lexcitation.

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    The distinction, when made, hinges on whether the abbreviation is pronounced as a word or as a string of individual letters. There are no universal standards for the multiple names for such abbreviations or for their orthographic styling. The New York Times. À limage du site J M, le site de rencontre compte une communauté particulièrement coquine où le partage des plaisirs sexuels est lobjectif de tous. Companies whose original name gives a clear indication of their place of origin will use acronyms when expanding to foreign marketsfor example, Toronto-Dominion Bank continues to operate under the full name in Canada, but its.S. "The faithful have a galaxy of Web sites to visit".

    comparatif site rencontre gratuit meilleur site gay

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    Archived from the original on August 22, 2010. 31 By then it had moved domain, 57 100 and Wales said that the site would not accept advertising. Further reading Primary sources "m Browser Kills Pop-Up Advertising!". For example, the cctv New Year's Gala, whose full name is literally read as "China Central Television Spring Festival Joint Celebration Evening Gala" was first shortened to "Spring Festival Joint Celebration Evening Gala" but eventually referred to as simply Chunwan. Retrieved October 23, 2011. Voir notre avis complet sur J M Contact. Hosted content Working from the Open Directory Project, 66 Bomis created and maintained hundreds of webrings on topics related to lad culture. Soyez libre dexprimer vos fantasmes, qui sait, vous trouverez sûrement un(e) partenaire qui partagera les mêmes envies que vous. Les sites avec un grand nombre dutilisateurs sont une bonne source. Sydney: John Fairfax Publications Pty Ltd.

    comparatif site rencontre gratuit meilleur site gay